The face behind the brand 💕

Hi guys !! 
My names Jessica I’m 31 and from Manchester, 
I’m mum to twin boys age 8 and work two jobs, privately in the NHS and also on a male psychiatric intensive care unit. 
I’m also in university studying psychology.
I had the idea for a fashion business a few years ago now but never really had the time to give it 100% , I’d sell locally and on depop and eBay, over time I managed to build up quite a few followers on Instagram and have many loyal returning customers. 

Over the last 18months I’ve taken KMB to the next level with a website and joining Socialista social media school (highly recommended) 
Anna and the team are so helpful and made me realise the power of social media, one tip I’ve struggled to really get behind is this … showing the person behind the business !! But here we are (finally). 

Unlike other fast fashion brands or Instagram boutiques, I’m not trying to achieve 6 figures a year or scale my business on a huge scale, I personally enjoy a personable experience and speaking directly with my customers (some who have become great friends of mine) 
when you shop with KMB you aren’t funding trips to the Maldives for a glam CEO, you’re helping me live my little creative dream and funding things like my sons passion for football or days out with my family. 

so every order means so much and makes me do a little happy booty shake !! 
thankyou so much