Pre Ordering & Sustainability

KMB.OFFICIAL - Our pre order items are manufactured and delivered to you in around 10-14 days, this can sometimes be slightly longer during our Christmas period. 

Why Pre Order? 

contrary to popular belief that pre order is a ‘drop shipping’ service where companies are paid upfront and you receive your item later that’s not the case at KMB.OFFICIAL 

It’s purely because it’s a sustainable way of updating your wardrobe, your product is ordered before it’s manufactured and we do this because it’s better for our planet !!

It reduces waste and over production 

buying in bulk often leaves brands with a lot of stock left over after the season ends, some companies burn their leftover stock and if not they end up in landfills. 

pre order allows Kmb.official to understand our customer and what they truly want and reduces our carbon footprint of transport and storage. All of our pre order items are posted directly to you as soon as they arrive from our manufacturers which minimises storage costs.

When you make the choice to PRE ORDER it also reduces the risk of an impulse buy, so you’re getting something you genuinely want which saves the regret or anxiety caused by doing a rash late night impulse purchase.

Most fashion brands bulk buying do it at the risk of involving slave labour, trying to design items as quickly and as cheaply as possible, when you pre order the process isn’t the same.

So now you see all the benefits of Pre ordering we hope you will take this into consideration in future.